True transformation requires a rich and honest dialogue about readiness, challenges, & opportunities for growth.

This heart-based work includes the ability to face conflict with clarity and a mind oriented toward solutions.

Through a deeper understanding of what success encompasses, we can explore the internal and external barriers that often shape decisions. 

Hearing from the different voices of those who will be most impacted by the work and integrating their experience in the process is essential. Feedback and conversation are key, and moving from vision to application is just the beginning.

Together, we’ll discover:

What does success mean to you?

Who will be most impacted by your work, and how do we engage them?

What approaches can we explore to relieve existing barriers?

Allow me to help you align your organization to achieve new opportunities.


  • Training and Technical Assistance
  • Community Engagement and Planning
  • Conference Keynotes and Speaking Engagements
  • Meeting and Retreat Facilitation
  • Suicide Prevention Workshops
  • Healing-Centered Facilitation and Implementation Support

“Just like people, systems can get better, stronger, healthier, and smarter. This is only effective if those most impacted by the systems are included as part of their redesign, delivery, and transformation.”

Kelechi Ubozoh, co-editor of We’ve Been Too Patient: Voices from Radical Mental Health

Kelechi has had the pleasure of working with numerous public and nonprofit agencies. Below are examples of agencies she has worked with during her career: 

  • Alpine Behavioral Health
  • California Association of Mental Health Peer Run Organizations
  • California’s Black Women’s Health Project
  • California Institute for Behavioral Health Solutions
  • California Pan Ethnic Health Network
  • City of Berkeley Mental Health Division
  • City of San Jose Department of Parks, Recreation, & Neighborhood Services
  • Color of Change
  • Contra Costa County Behavioral Health Services
  • Family Education Resource Center
  • Kern County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services
  • Kings County Behavioral Health
  • Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health
  • Marin County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services
  • Lyra
  • Menlo School
  • Mental Health Association of San Francisco
  • Mental Health Technology Transfer Center Network
  • Modoc County Behavioral Health
  • Multi-Ethnic Collaborative of Community Agencies
  • Oakland Human Services
  • Orange County Health Care Agency
  • Riverside University Health System Behavioral Health
  • Sacred Heart Preparatory
  • Safe Space
  • San Francisco Department of Public Health
  • Santa Barbara County Department of Behavioral Wellness
  • Santa Clara County Behavioral Health Department
  • Santa Clara County Housing Authority
  • San Mateo County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services
  • Sierra Health Foundation
  • Sonoma County Department of Behavioral Health Services
  • Stanford Department of Psychiatry & Behavioral Services
  • Tehama County Health Services Agency Behavioral Health
  • Tri-City Mental Health
  • Yolo Health and Human Services Agency

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Client Testimonials

Kind words from past clients

Kelechi has become a trusted voice for us in both the mental wellness and cultural humility arenas. Whether she is holding a space for our BIPOC employees or sharing her knowledge and expertise with senior leaders, the authenticity she leads with allows others to come as they are–as learners, as advocates, as change-makers that are reimagining an equitable future.

John Doe

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Kelechi’s visits to my class on “Trauma, recovery and resilience” have been informative and thought-provoking, providing me and my Masters program students with insights into the importance of hearing personal narratives from people with mental health challenges. In this course, we used her book with LD Green “We’ve Been Too Patient: Stories From Radical Mental Health” as a key component of our curriculum because it amplifies stories and research from people with lived experience.

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Do you sometimes have the feeling that you’re running into the same obstacles over and over again? Many of my conflicts have the same feel to them, like “Hey, I think I’ve been here before”

John Doe

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