Kelechi is featured in The Voice Award Winning documentary The S Word, which follows the lives of suicide attempt survivors in an effort to eliminate stigma of mental health issues. Follow the button below to check out The S Word Movie Trailer and learn more about the film.


You can now watch the film for free on Documentary+ or check out the educational DVD and streaming available through Good Docs.

The S Word documentary is also streaming on Amazon Prime

Kelechi often joins community conversations about suicide prevention following screenings of The S Word. Contact her for more information on how to book a screening or discussion of the film.

Need help or resources?

*NOTE: Many of these resources could utilize restrictive interventions, like active rescues (wellness or welfare checks) involving law enforcement or emergency services (with the exception of Trans Lifeline). You can ask if this is a possibility at any point in your conversation if this is a concern for you. You can also utilize these resources if you are concerned about someone in your life approaching a crisis.

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