We’ve Been Too Patient

We’ve Been Too Patient: Voices from Radical Mental Health, Kelechi’s book with co-editor L.D. Green, was released from North Atlantic Books and distributed by Penguin Random House, July 2019.


We’ve Been Too Patient is a collection of a diverse of voices who all share their stories of radical healing and consider the recent movement towards reform in the mental health field, including the mad pride/consumer movement, theater as therapy, peer support, combatting stigma, and trauma-informed care.

Check out her interview talking about the importance of diverse voices in radical mental health with Rising up with Sonali. For updates and more information on the book, check out We’ve Been Too Patient.

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To watch the book launch and readings from Kelechi, L.D., and the contributors check out the CSPAN coverage here.

If you’d like to get your own copy of the book, check out the options for purchase below.

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